Fast Bill Creation

The Cashook software simplifies the process of creating bills by allowing you to quickly generate them using a barcode scanner.

More rapid calculations

Saves you time by automatically handling all calculations, including tax calculations.

Multiple Themes

Choose from a variety of customizable themes tailored to your business needs.

Track Income and Expense of Business

CashBook is a digital record-keeping app that allows you to add entries, organize records, and instantly view your overall balance.

Inventory Management

For a centralized approach to managing notes, viewing lockbox photographs, removing deductions, and uploading attachments with up-to-date information, utilize our comprehensive central hub.

Self Payment Reminder

Based on past performance, our intelligent software highlights past-due accounts and automatically generates user-defined dunning letters.

PDF & Excel Reports

Export reports as PDFs or Excels to effectively track transactional data for your business.

Right Technology for your Business

CashBook is a FREE Business Accounting Software designed for Indian small businesses to manage invoicing, inventory, accounting needs, and more! Our aim is to alleviate the daily routine of businessmen, allowing them to focus more on growing their business and less on paperwork.

A Business Accounting App like CashBook (available as both Android and Desktop App) is essential for maintaining accurate business financial data at all times. It operates offline, enabling users to access it without relying on an unreliable internet connection. The CashBook App provides a clear overview of assets, liabilities, and business values, serving as a foundation for proper planning of accounting activities.

Trusted, tailored cash automation software.

Since 1992, our mission has been to develop super-intelligent cash management software solutions that optimize the automation of high-volume financial transactions for large organizations worldwide. We combine a unique blend of finance and technology expertise to achieve this goal. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of Cash Application, Accounts Payable, and Bank Reconciliation functions, as well as extensive experience with banking and ERP technologies and processes. Our cutting-edge cash management software technology enables our clients to create more intelligent, automated, and feature-rich financial operations. With successful implementations in over 25 countries and across a variety of demanding environments, we have provided solutions for 100+ global companies and organizations.

Zavoly - Your All-in-One Content Management System

If you're looking for a comprehensive solution for your web development needs, Zavoly is an excellent choice. Developed by Blueferns Technologies, this custom content management system offers a range of features to help businesses create and manage their website content with ease. One of the key features of Zavoly is its drag-and-drop page builder, which allows businesses to easily design their website pages without requiring any technical expertise. Additionally, Zavoly offers SEO optimization tools to help businesses improve their search engine rankings and attract more traffic to their site. Zavoly also provides integrated analytics, allowing businesses to track their website performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize their content. With its user-friendly interface and all-in-one solution, Zavoly is a great choice for businesses of all sizes looking for a powerful web development tool.

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