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Export Documentation. Easy. Error-free

IEDMS simplifies export documentation, enabling you to work faster and make fewer errors. Benefit from a library of compliant export document templates and features that eliminate data re-entry, streamlining your process and ensuring accuracy.

Flexible, digitized export documents

IEDMS provides you and your team with the tools to handle any cargo shipment with ease, efficiency, and without hassle. It offers flexibility and customization to suit your needs, along with a complete set of export documents neatly organized in the cloud.

Work efficiently from anywhere

Establish a paperless operation to empower your remote team. Enjoy complete visibility, simplicity, and user-friendliness.

Eliminate data re-entry

Automate data entry to prevent customs delays, fines, or missed shipments. Input information once and store it for reuse. Import data directly into documents to streamline processes and minimize errors.

Import-Export Document Management System (IEDMS)

Managed, Optimized, Automated

Advanced Security & Privacy

All data undergoes encryption in transit using industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security), and when stored on physically secured servers, ensuring maximum data protection and privacy.

Empower your bussiness

Transition to a paperless workflow and empower your team to manage shipments from anywhere.

Easy to Use and Manage

Setting up and starting to create documents more efficiently takes just minutes, without the need to install anything or undergo specialized training.

Export Documentation- Easy, Error-free

IEDMS simplifies export documentation, enabling faster work with fewer errors. It provides a library of compliant export document templates and features to eliminate data re-entry.

Flexible, digitized export documents.

IEDMS offers flexibility, customization, and a complete set of export documents, all neatly organized in the cloud for easy access and management.

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