Digital Signage Advertising

Location Based Targeting

Target ads based on location, date and time and taxi groups.


Choose the best in Taxi Advertising. Join the elite brands that use our service for their Marketing Campaigns.

Date Range Based Targeting

Manage your client and their ad contents from a single dashboard.

Playback Reports

Your clients can log in and submit ads for your approval.

What We Offer

Advertiser control panel

  • Effortlessly upload and manage ads.
  • Create device groups and customize screen layouts.
  • Manage billing and invoicing for customers.
  • Facilitate online payments for advertiser transactions.

Interactive Taxi Advertising

  • Deliver diverse content formats with innovative ad styles.
  • Display engaging videos, captivating images, and compelling text ads.
  • Optimize screen space by dividing the display into multiple frames.
  • Target ads precisely based on location, date, time, and specific taxi groups.

The Ad Player App

  • Automatically register devices upon first-time installation.
  • Download the latest ads directly from the server.
  • Access Business Directory Listings, Weather, and Time Widgets.
  • Conduct Polls and Surveys, and enable a Like button for all media.

Taxi/cab Advertising

Our system offers an advertising platform for advertisers to efficiently reach their target audience. It enables advertisers to place their ads on top of cabs, select target locations, choose relevant time slots for ad display, and track their ads in real-time.


  • Effortless Management.
  • Efficient Resource Monitoring.
  • Curate Unique Business Experiences.
  • Effective Business Promotion.
  • Robust Content Management System.
  • Instantaneous Content Delivery.
  • Identify and Reach Targeted Audiences.

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